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At age 19, Natalia Maczek, from Warsaw, started customizing tees and sweatshirts under the name MISBHV, which has since turned into a successful ready-to-wear label. Maczek brings together a post-Soviet aesthetic with pop-culture elements, bridging the gap between streetwear and luxury fashion like so many of her industry contemporaries. MISBHV has artisanal quality, showcasing European textiles as deconstructed t-shirts and oversized hoodies with clever graphics alongside denim and biker jackets. MISBHV is elevated streetwear with avant-garde construction.

Monogram Denim Jacket Monogram Denim Jacket


Monogram Denim Jacket

On Sale $ 247.50 Regular price
$ 495.00

Monogram Jean Monogram Jean


Monogram Jean

On Sale $ 237.50 Regular price
$ 475.00

Leather Racing Jacket Leather Racing Jacket


Leather Racing Jacket

On Sale $ 1,075.00 Regular price
$ 2,150.00

Aspen Track Jacket Aspen Track Jacket


Aspen Track Jacket

On Sale $ 225.00 Regular price
$ 450.00

Aspen Track Pant Aspen Track Pant


Aspen Track Pant

On Sale $ 195.00 Regular price
$ 390.00

Riveira Shirt Riveira Shirt


Riveira Shirt

On Sale $ 375.00 Regular price
$ 750.00

Riveira Track Pant Riveira Track Pant


Riveira Track Pant

On Sale $ 275.00 Regular price
$ 550.00

Dualtone Track Jacket Dualtone Track Jacket


Dualtone Track Jacket

On Sale $ 225.00 Regular price
$ 450.00

Tracksuit Trouser Tracksuit Trouser


Tracksuit Trouser

On Sale $ 157.50 Regular price
$ 315.00

Souvenir Hoodie Souvenir Hoodie


Souvenir Hoodie

On Sale $ 175.00 Regular price
$ 350.00

Souvenir Shirt Souvenir Shirt


Souvenir Shirt

On Sale $ 197.50 Regular price
$ 395.00

"Do You Still" Track Pant "Do You Still" Track Pant


"Do You Still" Track Pant

On Sale $ 112.50 Regular price
$ 225.00