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Surf's Up!

Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear Collection

This collection, entitled Surf Sound and subtitled “A tribute to Contemporary Californian Surf Music Culture,” clearly proved Slimane’s riff on that home turf. The lineup showcased that Cali-flavored serving of the indie music scene, thrift shops, and all of the alternative snobbish hipster ingredients that you either love or hate about the West Coast: from the surplus of layers and pattern clashing, shredded flannels, cropped denim with a slash at the knee or an unfinished hem, down to the semi-distressed white leather trainers. The exceptions are some classic couture-fashioned tuxedo jackets and bombers, which are paired with many duplicated garments that you could easily find at a thrift shop in Studio City; still, why go digging for gold when you can just buy Saint Laurent?

Commercially, Hedi Slimane had nothing else to prove with what he’d set out to do at Saint Laurent. More than that, though, the success of his breaking down the house and rendering it into accessible, uncomplicated items has set off a chain reaction at the top of the designer fashion industry. Slimane was smart to suggest he was pitching it in a more down-to-earth way this season. There seems to be a movement toward real, ordinary clothes, largely triggered by the left-of-field rise of the Vetements collective, which ingeniously repurposes generic garments.

Here at Riccardi, we’ve always believed in supplying an assortment of statement pieces and downplaying them in a way that’s essential for your wardrobe. The printed bomber jacket, denim vests, tuxedo jacket with the palm tree detailing, and oversized flannels are a few runway pieces on our radar.